Sports Day

It was sports day in school today and I took on the role of an excited cheerleader for my kiddos. I admittedly got too caught up in the hustle and bustle and don’t know which class won — but that doesn’t matter anyway. The most important thing was we all had fun.



This is Yanis from the 1-3 class. He is the cutest kid you’ll ever meet in your lifetime and he talks non-stop. I remember him asking his form teacher on the first day of school: “Teacher, why did my mother leave me here? Does she not want me anymore? If so, just let me die! My life has no more meaning if my mother doesn’t want me anymore!”

A video I captured of Yanis claiming to not want to live on anymore if he doesn’t have me.

Yanis is always stylishly dressed in ripped denim jeans, trumpet pants, fashion hoodies, orange running shoes, and I think he would make the perfect bigwig comedian in future.

The Primary Ones had a relay race and after it was over, his form teacher commented that he ran like a ballerina waltzing down the field. Suddenly, little Yanis started packing up his cross-stitched pillow, “100,000 questions why” book, pink cap, and started leaving. He pompously announced that he had to go and does not wish to live on anymore (again).

Earlier on while Yanis was engrossed in his “100,000 questions why” book, I stood in a corner observing him. Suddenly, to my amusement, he closed his book, pretended to vomit a few times, then opened his book and continued reading. Later on I would discover he did what he did because he “had to throw up” due to something disgusting he had read.

The other day in class, after I explained to the children why white Bengal tigers are becoming extinct, Yanis suddenly screamed from out of nowhere “DIE! I have decided to become a researcher when I grow up! I am going to save tigers! I am going to kill people who kill tigers!” ;)

1-3 class

This is the 1-3 class. If you look carefully, you’ll spot Yanis in a pink cap holding his “100,000 questions why” book.


1-2 class

1-2 class

Justin (on the top left corner) always screeches before proceeding to attack me with his superpower kungfu moves. Other notable figures include Berio (beside Justin) who trembled with fear the first time I talked to him but has now become really confident and even tells his friends to keep quiet whenever he is unable to hear what I’m saying. There’s also Eason (second from left on the second row) who says the darnedest things, and Angel (third from left on the third row) whom I have to escape from every time I spot her coming because she just hugs me all the time and doesn’t ever let go. So far, I have had to reject about 15 proposals to go over to her house for dinner this month.

The 1-1 class with half of them unaware I’m trying to capture a shot.

The 1-1 class with half of them unaware I’m trying to capture a shot.

On a completely random note, I was telling my students the story of Neil Armstrong the other day. This was what happened:

Me:“So, can anyone tell me who was the first person to walk on the moon?”

Kids (all screaming in excitement):“Chang’e! Chang’e!”

… gotta just love ‘em all! :)

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