One evening, the prayers of a poor family were answered. There was a knock at the door and tens of “people” stood outside. “Who are you?” asked the father. “I am ‘Happiness,’ this is ‘Faith,’ that there is ‘Joy’, this is ‘Health’, standing there is ‘Success’ and the tough guy over there is ‘Power’… We […]

The Lady or The Tiger? My Take On Who Or What Emerged From The Door

The story of The Lady or The Tiger is a classic riddle. Because it was written in 1882, it makes for pretty heavy reading, and thus I have taken the plot summary from Wikipedia, which I shall now quote: The “semi-barbaric” king of an ancient land uses a unique form of trial by ordeal for those in his realm […]

Call Back Your Spirit Or Die

David Chethlahe Paladin was a Navaho Indian living on a reservation in Arizona. David would laughingly say that his mother was a nun and his father was a priest. It turns out his mother became pregnant by a visiting priest and she, in turn, decided to become a nursing nun and leave her son in […]

Why We Shout In Anger

A Hindu saint, who was visiting river Ganges to take a bath, found a group of family members on the banks shouting at each other in anger. He turned to his disciples, smiled and asked: ”Why do people shout in anger at each other?” His disciples thought for a while before one of them said, “Because […]