One evening, the prayers of a poor family were answered. There was a knock at the door and tens of “people” stood outside.

“Who are you?” asked the father.

“I am ‘Happiness,’ this is ‘Faith,’ that there is ‘Joy’, this is ‘Health’, standing there is ‘Success’ and the tough guy over there is ‘Power’… We are what you requested in your prayers,” he said to the stunned family members. “But you are only allowed to choose one of us.”

The family members were perplexed as to what would be the best choice: Success or health, happiness or power? Eventually, the father went over and said, “We choose Faith.”

As Faith started to enter the house, she was followed by all of the other wishes.

“What happened?” asked the astonished father. “You said we could only choose one request.”

“That’s right!” said Happiness. “But wherever Faith goes, we all follow.”

(source unknown)

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