One evening, the prayers of a poor family were answered. There was a knock at the door and tens of "people" stood outside. "Who are you?" asked the father. "I am 'Happiness,' this is 'Faith,' that there is 'Joy', this is 'Health', standing there is 'Success' and the tough guy over there is 'Power'... We are what you requested in your … [Continue reading...]

Ode to The Youths of The World

**Note: I wrote this when I was 18 -- when my view of the world was simpler, and the meaning of life unclear. ***** I've always had big dreams but as age catches up with me, these dreams have started becoming delusions of grandeur. I'm afraid of growing old because so many things can only be achieved with youth. Youth is an asset, and I am … [Continue reading...]

The Lady or The Tiger? My Take On Who Or What Emerged From The Door

The story of The Lady or The Tiger is a classic riddle. Because it was written in 1882, it makes for pretty heavy reading, and thus I have taken the plot summary from Wikipedia, which I shall now quote: The “semi-barbaric” king of an ancient land uses a unique form of trial by ordeal for those in his realm accused of crimes significant enough to … [Continue reading...]

A Lesson on Market Pricing By Someone Who Knows Nuts about Economics

Generally speaking, the higher the price, the lesser the demand; the lower the price, the greater the demand. A product’s price is simply a financial expression of its value. From a consumer’s viewpoint, a good deal is one where money is traded for a product which he or she perceives will bring greater value in return. So in a market … [Continue reading...]